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Solar Roof Top

AVRO Solar offers customized solutions for Solar Roof Top Power Projects according to the requirement and need of the Customer for Commercial, Residential, Institutional, Educational, Industrial, Charitable, Trust and any other place where electricity is required. We provide following 3 models for Solar Roof Top Solutions.


Solar Roof top generates power during the day time which is utilized by the connected load there. The surplus or excess power is fed into the grid to the discom as long as the grid is available. The discom will adjust this surplus power through net metering arrangement in your next bill. The customer (rooftop owner) pays to the discom on net metering basis only.


Hybrid Solar power plant is a grid connected system with a battery bank which is used to meet the emergency load when both grid power and solar power are not available. These Power plants can be synchronized with Grid / Generator set easily to meet the 24 hours power supply of any building in such area where grid power failure is frequent. Surplus power after the load connected and charging the batteries is fed to the Grid through net metering arrangement


As the sun does not shine all the time, energy production through solar system terminates after sunset. An Off-grid system overcomes this disadvantage by being armed with a battery back-up. Here unlike in a grid-tied system, the energy produced is stored in the batteries thus eliminating the possibility of power outing. At an unlikely event when the batteries run low, Diesel generators or grid can be used to charge the batteries

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