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About us

AVRO Solar LLP is an organization

AVRO Solar LLP is an organization into manufacturing and providing a wide range of solar Products and solutions like Home Lighting System, Street lighting System, LED home light, LED lantern, LED bulbs, DC Fan, Solar Roof Top System, Solar mobile charger, Solar charge controller, Solar inverter, Solar PV Modules etc. We are having a very innovative thought process and determined to make available solar energy / electricity to people of all economic diversity, at a very reasonable & affordable price. As the demand for electricity is growing, our objective is to meet this challenge by providing innovative and economical solar products at a very fast pace to counter the Energy crises.


Our vision is to create and
offer sustainable Solar
energy solution


Our mission is to meet the growing Solar energy
demand in cost effective and in ethical &
sustainable manner

Core Values

Serving the rural folks with lighting products Providing high quality lighting products at affordable prices Livelihood and Employment generation through energy entrepreneurs in every village Reducing environment pollution .

Procedure that AVRO Solar LLP follows to provide you an innovative, affordable and energy efficient solution:

1. Survey your premises and analyze the energy / electricity consumption pattern, space availability, technical feasibility etc.
2. Based on the data collected propose a technically and commercially feasible solution to meet the energy demand and also provide huge savings and benefits to you..
3. Supply, Install and commission the system as per the solution proposed and provide after sale service and other support required.
We firmly believe in Customer Delight which is a step ahead of Customer Satisfaction.
With our innovative Home Lighting system we are not only able to provide electricity to the areas where the Grid power has not reached, but are also able to reduce the dependency on the fossil fuels like kerosene, coal etc, thus helping the mankind by reducing the Carbon dioxide emissions and inturn providing a healthy environment to our future generation.

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